How to get a lawyer in Iran

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He is an international lawyer and does all your work in Iran and when you enter Iran In short, it should be said that a foreign citizen can get a FIDA code and register on the website.
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The growth of the conclusion of legal representation from abroad

With the increase in the presence of foreign nationals and immigrants in Iran, the conclusion of legal representation contracts between them and Iranians has also grown significantly, and many of them, due to not being familiar with the laws and regulations, tend to entrust their legal and non-legal matters to Iranian lawyers. to do For this reason, it is considered essential to know how to obtain different types of power of attorney from foreign nationals, such as sales power of attorney and legal power of attorney.
Representation of foreign nationals in Iran According to Article 656 of the Civil Code; A power of attorney contract is a contract by which; One of the parties appoints the other party as his deputy to do something. This contract may be between different people; be concluded by foreign nationals and immigrants or otherwise.
Regarding how is the representation of foreign nationals in Iran; It should be stated that since one of the general requirements of the bar exam of the judicial branch and the lawyers’ association; having Iranian citizenship; Foreign nationals and immigrants cannot participate in this exam, and consequently, it is not possible for them to obtain a lawyer’s license.
Despite the fact that foreign nationals do not obtain a lawyer’s license and perform legal affairs in the judiciary; These people can accept other people’s power of attorney and do their administrative affairs.
Working attorney (non-judicial attorney) means a contract in which a person; On the other hand, he grants power of attorney to perform non-judicial affairs (such as banking affairs, tax affairs, etc.). In business representation, the lawyer performs administrative actions outside of the jurisdiction of the client and will not be able to transfer property in any way. Despite the restrictions in the field of giving representation to nationals, these persons (nationals) can accept the representation of Iranian lawyers and delegate their judicial and non-judicial affairs to Iranian lawyers.

Using the site

Regarding how to obtain power of attorney from foreign nationals; It should be stated that if obtaining power of attorney from nationals is to do judicial affairs; After making the initial agreements with the client, the lawyer should register the lawyer’s contract in the Sana system.
For this purpose, the lawyer should search for the address of Iran’s justice system at and then select the option of lawyers and experts system. After that, the person should enter his national number and personal password and select the “next step” option.
Also, in cases where the foreign national wants to view the details of the attorney contract, he can enter this page and select the option “Non-Iranian natural person” and then; Enter the FIDA ID and personal password, read the attorney contract.
After that, a temporary password will be sent to the mobile number of the user, who needs to enter this password in the specified box and click on the button to enter the system. In the next step, a person should select the option of electronic contract of attorney from his user menu. Finally, a person can register this contract in Sana’s system by selecting the option “Registration of attorney contract”.

Granting business  of attorney

In the event that work business  of attorney is granted to a non-lawyer; Power of attorney can be formalized or informally.
Article 34 of the Civil Procedure Law stipulates in this regard: “The power of attorney may be based on an official or unofficial document.
In the latter case, regarding regulatory power of attorney in Iran, the lawyer can confirm under the power of attorney that the power of attorney was personally signed, sealed, or fingered by the client in his presence…”
In cases where work power of attorney is granted to nationals to do administrative work, the work power of attorney document can be prepared in two formal (notarized) or informal ways. In order to draw up an official or notarized document, the client and the lawyer must go to one of the notary offices and officially register their attorney agreement in these offices.
An informal power of attorney is also concluded in the form of a manual contract between the lawyer and the client, without referring to official authorities. Since the unofficial power of attorney may not be approved by some offices, people are advised to set up their power of attorney officially by referring to official authorities.


To get a lawyer in Iran, you can send a message to Dr. Mohammad Amiranjat’s WhatsApp number 09122888366. Be sure to use 098 in Iran first.

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